Closing The Wealth Gap®️

Women Are Using Network Marketing To Overcome Income Inequality

June 14, 2019

December 19, 1980 an iconic movie was released that inspired women all across the United States and the world. It's theme song became a national anthem for a generation of women that were mad as hell, and were not going to take it anymore. The movie was 9 to 5. It stared: Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin and Dolly Parton. This movie cast a light on the sexism and income disparities that women had to deal with just to survive on a daily basis. Fast forward to today's "Me Too!" movement and you'll began to understand why such a movement had to exist. Today women are leaving the traditional 9 to 5 behind for a more economically sound business model. It's call network marketing.... And women are thriving in this profession. The benefits are clear: No more bosses, and no more income inequality. For more information: text Tyrone to 36260 or visit: or Call: Tyrone at (877) 296-5192           

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